Medic First Aid

Medic First Aid, CPR and AED Training

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Title 8 - General Safety Order 3390 (b) states that "Companies must train and have on staff at all times persons trained to render first aid on employees who are injured."

First Aid Global will schedule your individual or company's classes to train your employees in the proper use of First Aid, AEDs and CPR.

Full Certification with documentation provided.

  • Your employees will be confident to handle life and death emergencies

  • Our instructors come to your place of business at a time convenient for you

  • Your employees will receive VIDEO TAPE INSTRUCTION as well as HANDS-ON TRAINING with the latest manikin models

  • Short and concise, our classes are not only informative, but entertaining

  • Certificates and Card issued

  • Exceeds the standards for OSHA, American Red Cross, National Safety Council & American Heart Association

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 -  Q u i c k   C P R   G u i d e  -
Check the victim for unresponsiveness. If there is no response, Call 911 and return to the victim. In most locations the emergency dispatcher can assist you with CPR instructions.
Tilt the head back and listen for breathing.  If not breathing normally, pinch nose and cover the mouth with yours and blow until you see the chest rise. Give 2 breaths.  Each breath should take 1 second.
If the victim is still not breathing normally, coughing or moving, begin chest compressions.  Push down on the chest 1 to 2 inches 30 times right between the nipples.  Pump at the rate of 100/minute, faster than once per second. CONTINUE WITH 2 BREATHS AND 30 PUMPS UNTIL HELP ARRIVES
NOTE: This ratio is the same for one-person & two-person CPR.  In two-person CPR the person pumping the chest stops while the other gives mouth-to-mouth breathing.

Watch this quick video demonstration of CPR


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