Safely evacuate a smoke-filled building with the HK Mask Smoke Escape Hood. Avoid toxic smoke">

Safely evacuate a smoke-filled building with the HK Mask Smoke Escape Hood. Avoid toxic smoke, hydrogen cyanide and other fire components while the hood maintains a clear bubble of air around your head. Only $32.00!


SMOKE ESCAPE HOOD - First Aid Global, LLC is the U.S. Representative





Escape a burning building with this heat resistant smoke hood

"Of the approximately 10,000 people who die each year in fires, 80% are overcome by toxic smoke."

Our HK Mask Smoke Escape Hood comes vacuum packed in this pocket-sized pouch.
Perfect for every family member and every employee in your company.

Voted the 'Most Convenient Escape Device' - just $42.00    

    (MSRP $75.00)

Purchase 12 Hoods for just $30.00 each or $360.00 

For quantities of 100 or more, please contact us at 866-305-1753 for details

HK PSM Guide.pdf / HK Smoke Escape Mask User Manual.pdf / hkmask certification.pdf

smoke escape hoodfire escape hood

  • Tear open this sealed packet and unfold the Smoke Escape Hood.
  • Spread the rubber neck band with your fingers and pull hood over your head with the dark filter band in the front.
  • Now safely exit the building. You can even wear your glasses under the hood!

Great for travel on airplanes & ships, chemical plants & office buildings.

smoke details Made of NASA-grade Polyamide Film, this hood resists high temperatures to 450 degrees C and has passed the UL test in the USA for fire and tear resistance.

Elastic neck band creates an effective seal that fits adults as well as children.

Six layers of Ionized Activated Carbon Filters resists heavy smoke for 25 minutes and will resist high temperatures for more than 30 minutes.

Resists Hydrogen Cyanide for 28 minutes and gets you out of a terror situation fast.



Easy-Evac Stretcher in Case 

just $65.00

click for larger image

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 Full-sized stretcher has durable handles to accommodate four rescuers and is light and easy to store.

The case is well marked with handles and shoulder strap.

Just 5 pounds total weight.

No office should be without one.

Fire Escape Evac Pack - "because not every fire alarm is a practice drill"
fire escape kit Get out of a burning building quickly & safely.

Each Hip Pack contains:

  • Particulate Respirator rated N95 has exhalation valve

  • Goggles utilize indirect venting so smoke cannot enter & are large enough to fit over your glasses

  • Flashlight comes with 2 - 'C' Cell batteries for a strong beam that cuts through smoke

  • Metal whistle to summon help

Incredibly low price, just $32.00 -


fire and first aid blanket Fire and First Aid Blanket - A comfortable fire-resistant wool blanket with nylon & Velcro case
                                                      to hang on a wall or stow conveniently for easy deployment.

This specially woven high percentage woolen blanket resists burning and actually suppresses and smothers flames.

It also doubles as a shock blanket to keep you or the injured warm and comfortable.

Every school bus should have one.

$65.00 - 

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