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45 Responds to April 6 Bloomberg Article Entitled, “New Bird Flu Seen Having Some Markers of Airborne Killer” - 4/7/2013
44 First Aid Global Responds to March 24th Article “Deadly Guanarito Virus w/ Potential for Terrorism Goes Missing From TX Lab” - 3/28/2013
43 First Aid Global in Top 25% of All Amazon Sellers - 3/19/2013
42 Recognizes the Month of March as Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Preparedness Month - 2/24/2013
41 Claims This Year’s Influenza Outbreak Coupled with a New Strain of Norovirus Should Be a Wake-up Call to Preparedness-Minded Folks - 1/14/2013
40 Releases Product Video for Pandemic and Terrorist Threats - 12/31/2012
39 First Aid Global Responds to the Threat of a Vulnerable Power Grid in a Recent Article by Jen Alic of - 12/17/2012
38 'Zombieland' Themed Survival Kits Put The Fun Into The Holidays For First Aid Global - 12/1/2012
37 Sweet Deals on Cyber Monday and All Year Round from - 11/19/2012
36 New Jersey Wives Don’t Want Jewelry for Christmas, They Want Generators - 11/13/2012
35 Launches Solar Power Marketing Campaign with Release of New Video - 10/24/2012
34 Emergency Preparedness Fair this Saturday in Westwood Village will be the Venue to Purchase Earthquake Kits from Preparedness Professionals like - 10/17/2012
33 Takes on New Line of Escape Respirators by Space Suit Manufacturer ILC Dover - 10/15/2012
32 Hospitality Industry Consulting Firm Provides Burn Kits to its 600 Restaurant Clients - 9/30/2012
31 Sense of Helplessness Permeates Society in the Face of Current Natural Global Catastrophes - 9/29/2012
30 ‘Cool Off’ Towelettes from First Aid Global Continue to be Popular During Prolonged Summer Heat - 9/16/2012
29 The Costs of Restarting a Nuclear Power Plant May Be More Than Just Monetary - 9/05/2012
28 Living in Earthquake Country is Easier When You're Prepared - 8/28/2012
27 Earthquake Preparedness Company, First Aid Global, Reminds Californians to Prepare as a Sequence of 30 Earthquakes Strike Orange County - 8/09/2012
26 Adds Powered Respirators from ILC Dover to Their List of Pandemic Kits - 7/25/2012
25 Off-the-Grid’ Solar Systems Work, While Solar Panels Tied Into the Power Grid Will Be Useless During a Blackout - 7/09/2012
24 Heat Wave Remedies Place ‘Cool Off’ Towelettes on the Most Wanted List - 6/22/2012
23 Nomura Sushi Makes a Big Impression with Owner of First Aid Global - 6/19/2012
First Aid Global Helps 'Parents Against Leukemia' Raise Funds - 5/9/2012
President Obama Encourages All Americans to Prepare in Case of Severe Weather - 4/26/2012
‘Doomsday Preppers Inspires New Pandemic Kits from Emergency Preparedness Company - 4/17/2012
Doomsday Preppers Helps Emergency Preparedness Company Increase Sales - 4/2/2012
18 Claims it has the Answer to Metropolitan Power Outages in Boston - 3/15/2012
17 Reports That Lives May Have Been Saved With a Battery and Solar Powered Backup System in the Five States Ravaged By Tornados - 3/7/2012
First Aid Global, LLC To Take Part in Planned Parenthood's 33rd Annual Food Fare on March 8th - 3/5/2012
First Aid Global Safety Expert Announces That The HK Smoke Escape Hood Used By The Oil Industry To Evacuate Fires Is Now Available In The Home - 2/15/2012
14 Offers Protective Kits for Pandemics, Chemical and Radiation Disasters as San Onofre Nuclear Power Generating Station Releases Radiation 2/2/2012
13 Reminds Workers to Help Prevent Blindness by Wearing Proper Safety Eyewear - 1/25/2012
12 Goes Online as a New Study Proposes a Link Between Influenza Pandemics and Strong La Niña Events - 1/18/2012
11 Reminds Southern Californians that the Santa Ana Winds are Back - 1/10/2012
10 Recommends a Solar Charger to Keep Wireless Phones Working While Stranded in Car During a Snowstorm - 12/27/2011
Aware Products Chooses First Aid Global as First Aid and Safety Supplier - 12/20/2011
8 Offers Holiday Discount on Solar Chargers, Emergency Preparedness Kits and Latex Gloves - 12/17
7 Helps Fill the Space Under the Tree - 12/7/2011 (with video)
Holiday Shopping From a ‘First Aid Company’? Says, "Absolutely." - 11/23/2011
First Aid Global is the U.S. Representative of the HK Smoke Escape Hood - 11/15/2011
First Aid Global Launches Innovative Solar-Powered Backup System for Emergency Blackouts - 11/3/2011 (with video)
First Aid Global Helps Businesses and Individuals Prepare During the ‘Great California Shake Out’ - 10/26/2011
First Aid Global Provides Halloween Trick-or-Treaters ‘Glow Sticks’ Instead of Candy - 10/21/2011
First Aid Global Releases New Online Wholesale Catalog - 10/12/2011 (with video)